Sodexo Avantaj website

Sodexo Avantaj Website

Sodexo Avantaj website was the first website we created for Sodexo. We expected to be challenged a bit on this particular project. We had a real tough task to complete. We had three different user interest groups with way different requirements. We created several personas to better understand the user needs. Once we truly understood the natural behaviors and preferences of our user groups, then the products of our subsequent phases were sure to be productive. This exercise laid the foundation for the architecture, framework, and creative vision and overall experience. For the site, we not only created a brand new UX design inline with international standards, but also clearly defined workflows for user tasks. We aimed at letting the user seamlessly find the information he/she is looking for.

The design was completely responsive. The approach was to control the fluid layout by Bootstrap framework with media queries and making the site adaptive by setting appropriate break points. To enhance the site experience, we used CSS3 – HTML5 transitions where appropriate. The mobile version was optimized using hardware accelerated CSS3.

Sodexo Avantaj website heavily used data derived from Sodexo databases. We utilised several web services to communicate with central data. We not only linked the site with the central database, but also created a dataflow for the mobile applications as well.

Content was co-created with the customer. Having been briefed for the requirements, information structure and content was organised and edited considering the SEO requirements. Competition was analysed and each and every single page was optimised to achieve high keyword relevancy scores. As search engines take the speed of the site into consideration when ranking, the site was developed completely inline with Google Pagespeed Insights.

Overall, with state of the art technology and design, Sodexo Avantaj website delivers a rich and comprehensive experience that allows users to explore and understand what benefits Sodexo Avantaj offers. The site thus becomes a smart, engaging and rewarding tool in the overall digital marketing and business strategies of Sodexo Avantaj.


Sodexo Avantaj


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