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B2B marketing and social media have a difficult relationship, as it’s tricky for businesses to strike the right tone and actually draw value from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. But unfortunately social is too big to be ignored, despite the inherent difficulties for B2B companies. As Sodexo’s digital marketing agency, we were given the task of creating Sodexo Avantaj’s social media presence. As Sodexo Avantaj was also a B2B company, the task was challenging. We started planning on the fact that Sodexo services are used by individuals everyday. So we concluded that, its strategy and objectives for social would likely be quite different to the consumers and partners as well as the platform usage. We created Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest accounts for Sodexo Avantaj.

One of the most challenging parts of social media management for Sodexo was to create appealing and engaging content creation. Together with the customer, the program “Live Well” (İyi Yaşa in Turkish) was introduced. It was a series of articles from life coaches, which give advises to live a healhy life. Also, our social team created sustainable stories on food, daily tips and tricks. Our campaign “81 Cities” (81 İl in Turkish) lasted over a year with two weekly posts. One post was about the famous dish of the city where we linked it with “Restaurant Pass” usage, calling the customer to action. The second post was about the cultural, historical or natural heritage. This time, our business objective was to inform the user about the gas stations accepting the “Fuel Pass”.

Facebook page was intended to reach all audience be it a company or a person. We have put a huge amount of effort into developing the Facebook presence and have embraced the timeline not only with Sodexo services but with content we created. The result was a quick success. Followers of the page exceeded 100K in a short time. Google+, maybe not as effective as Facebook in Turkey, was a platform we could not underestimate. Social signals created by Google+ were traffic drivers to the web site, improving our SEO.

Twitter was the platform we tried to maintain as a social call center. We succesfully managed to increase followers over 10K and encouraged them to interact with the company over the platform. Thanks to our moderation team, we kept an eye on the timeline on a 24/7 basis. Instagram and Pinterest were also actively used for sharing the same voice throughout all media at all times.

We have also succesfully carried out several contests ansd sweepstakes on special dates like Valentine’s, New Year and Ramadan. With these campaigns, we not only increased the followers but also managed to cross-link different social media platforms to create better engagement.

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