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With the successful delivery of the corporate website project, we have had a proven success history with Sodexo Avantaj. Just after finishing the corporate site, being a B2B company, Sodexo Avantaj wanted to improve services offered to its affiliates as well.

When Sodexo Avantaj briefed us for the project, it was clear that they knew what they wanted: A site offering several online services loaded with data with a modern look that preserved Sodexo’s brand identity. Sodexo Avantaj brought on Poligon Interactive to take complete control of the design, information architecture and overall strategy behind the site.

Having worked with Sodexo before meant that Poligon Interactive understood the business and technology of the client very well. Trying to think on behalf of the customer, we created a minimalistic yet user friendly design. The design was completely responsive. The fluid layout was based on Bootstrap framework with media queries.

We built the front-end application on Drupal using AJAX technologies. In addition, our developers collaborated with Sodexo’s back-end developers to produce a JSON data feed specification which would provide all content to the site. Poligon Interactive and Sodexo Avantaj’s extensive prior experience working together translated well to this first major online services project for Sodexo Avantaj. The site was fully dynamic and data-driven. We developed a bespoke JavaScript framework, for building the pages dynamically. All the transaction, invoice, payment information was ingested as JSON or HTML snippets from the data services we have written for Sodexo.

The result was that the minimum amount of data was loaded initially for each page, or each time the user moves through the navigation, improving load time and responsiveness. Sodexo now encourages all its affiliates to extensively use the site for their online transactions and inquiries.


Sodexo Avantaj


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