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Poligon Interactive has been the digital agency of Renault Turkey for more than 10 years. Our relation with Renault Turkey began by the redesign and development of Renault Turkey website back in 2004. As we analysed Renault Turkey’s website and researched the competitive landscape, we realized that we had to make substantial positive improvements. The end product was a smartly designed and easy to navigate automobile website that was nominated to be the industry’s finest at the time.

After delivering this project, we had to find ways of ensuring that Renault Turkey felt the intensity of our commitment: that they saw our passion for their business was not limited to a single project; that we showed we were unconstrained by time, channel, or platform. We were successful in our efforts and from 2006 onwards Poligon Interactive was recognised as the LEADING DIGITAL AGENCY of Renault Turkey.

To this day, we have created numerous web sites and provided maintenance, update and hosting services. Yet, our services to Renault was not only bound to web. We have produced silent salesman kiosks, product launch CD-ROMs, web based tradeshow applications that run on tablets, hundreds of animations and banners for websites and campaigns. We also have run PPC and SEM campaigns on Google Adwords until this service became internationally centralised.

In 2014, Renault globally have undertaken to redesign all their digital platforms by running the HELIOS project. The first pilot country in Europe for this huge transformation was Turkey. We have been awarded the contract that would last for more than a year. As the leading digital agency, we pursued Renault Turkey’s interests as if they were our own. This was the main motive when we started the HELIOS project. With our international collaboration expertise and agency coordination experience, we worked hard not to reach but excess the project goals. With our proven success record, HELIOS project also became a great success for Renault-Mais and ourselves when delivered at the beginning of 2015. Today, we are also preparing the first Dacia HELIOS site in the world.


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