Renault Leasing website

Renault Fleet Leasing Website

Renault Turkey asked Poligon Interactive to help them define the web presence of fleet leasing operations. That is how we started creating the Renault Fleet Leasing website. There was no need to have a long brief, as the leading digital agency of Renault Turkey, we knew the client by heart.

The aim of the website was to extend the reach of fleet operations through a brighter online presence. The website needed to give users the information they needed quickly, and offer multiple ways through which users could engage with the brand’s services. The design had to be inline with Renault corporate guidelines, yet different enough to distinguish the Renault Fleet Leasing brand identity. Creative team have had no difficulty in finding the right solution, thanks to their previous design experiences related to Renault.

The site was developed on Drupal framework with calculation and simulation module add-ons. The site was created to have data connections with Renaul Fleet Leasing’s back-office. Poligon Interactive’s and Renault’s extensive prior experience working together on numerous web sites translated well to the first data driven web site to be created for fleet leasing operations. The result was a site exceeding customer’s expectations.


Renault Turkey


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