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Peugeot secondhand wanted to redefine the used-car retail operation for the brand and change consumer perceptions. They hoped to do so by offering competitive pricing, extended warranty, eliminating high-pressure sales tactics, providing in-depth information to embed confidence in the consumer’s decision-making process, and engaging potential customers in comfortable settings.

In 2013, Peugeot’s second hand operations manager was determined that new media was the next step for both augmenting that strategy and effectively building an online presence. With a “go where the people are” approach, Peugeot set out to create the Peugeot second hand website, boost the company’s web traffic, and —ultimately— increase sales. Peugeot tasked Poligon Interactive to design, a responsive HTML5 site experience offering virtual showroom features.

The idea of the project was very simple yet challenging; make a richly dynamic and animated secondhand car experience for a variety of audiences – from youngsters for their first buy to elders who spent their money if they really feel the warranty of the brand. Overall strategy and visual design were very crucial to the success of the project. Poligon Interactive developed a way to showcase several cars on a single page with a clean visual layout.

We used a combination of AJAX, XHTML and CSS for the front-end development. Based on Drupal environment and Bootstrap framework, we made the site adaptive by setting appropriate break points. To enhance the site experience, we used some CSS3 transitions on interactive modules. Car and dealer data was driven from Peugeot central database with web services. These services were coded to transfer not only text data but images as binary files as well.

The result was a brand new responsive, functional and reliable Peugeot secondhand website. Currently the site is live and we still provide update, maintenance, SEO and hosting services for Peugeot.


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