Oyak-Renault website

Oyak-Renault Website

Getting the opportunity to work with a company responsible for manufacturing some of the most popular cars in the world, including Clio and Megane, would always be an honor for Poligon Interactive team. It was with great pleasure then that Poligon Interactive were selected by Oyak to work alongside them in the reinvention of the Oyak-Renault website in 2010.

With a history of experience and expertise in delivering sites for the automotive industry, including renault.com.tr, dacia.com.tr and opel.com.tr, Poligon Interactive were excited about the latest challenge and to be a part of Oyak Renault’s legacy in automotive manufacturing that has spanned almost 50 years.

A kickoff meeting between the Poligon Interactive and Oyak Renault teams was the first step, and an opportunity for the two teams to plan out the project. Milestones and tasks were assigned on Poligon Interactive’s project management tool and check-points scheduled to allow the required time for development, testing to ensure the website reached our production standards.

Information architecture was also a challenge for the site, with one of the difficulties of how to integrate Oyak-Renault’s in-house HR modules to the web site. Poligon Interactive coded a transparent reverse proxy to securely gate the applications to the internet world. We were responsible for the delivery of the front-end and CMS production of the website. We used a combination of AJAX, XHTML and CSS for the front-end development. It was decided that the homepage should feature a giant carousel, which would enable Oyak Renault to highlight their key facts and figures and news upfront. This was created in Flash for a rich and smooth interaction, using embedded Flash video.

With our utmost effort both in design and coding, the handoff and deployment process went very smoothly, once again resulting in a website that was delivered on time and on budget.

We still provide services for Oyak-Renault including site updates, maintenance and hosting. Yet, we are in the phase of redesigning the website to the contemporary standards, i.e. Flash free and responsive.




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