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Opel Turkey website is a success story that is really hard to attain. Poligon Interactive has been the digital agency of Opel Turkey for more than 15 years, from the time when web sites began to emerge. Our relation with Opel Turkey began by the local design and development of Opel Turkey website back in 1999. We provided a robust, functional and scalable web site until 2006 when all GM websites became internationally centralised.

However, the centralisation was not an end but the start of a new era. With our international collaboration expertise and agency coordination experience, we were asked to manage the central site. From that time on, we are managing Opel Turkey website on the international platform. Today, we not only maintain site updates but provide localisation services as well.

During our long lasting relation with the client, our services to Opel is not only bound to maintaining the website. For the offline digital world, we have produced tens of product launch, corporate and fleet CD-ROMs for Opel Turkey. Intranet projects, silent salesman kiosks,  tradeshow applications that run on tablets, dealer web sites also stand as other milestones of our success.



Opel Turkey


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