Opel Turkey dealer websites

Opel Turkey Dealer Websites

In Turkey, many Opel Turkey dealer websites have been produced locally starting from 2006 by Poligon Interactive, based on a reliable, robust and scalable infrastructure. These sites (more than 50) served well until 2014, when it was decided by GM Europe that all dealer websites should be centrally developed. Poligon Interactive, being an agency specializing in car dealer websites and automotive dealers’ online marketing, was Opel Turkey’s first choice for being the local agency for their internationally developed Opel Turkey dealer websites project.

With extensive expertise on international project management and more than 15 years of colloboration with Opel Turkey, we clearly percieved what was required. International meetings were held, trainings were completed, and Poligon Interactive was ready to undertake this challenging task of transforming 54 dealers. The kickoff was in May 2015. Our team of automotive-focused digital experts was committed to providing digital marketing and consulting services with unparalleled customer service and support for Opel dealers. We successfully transferred more than 10 dealers to the date and the project is still ongoing as projected.


Opel Turkey


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