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When Dacia was acquired by Renault globally, we have been asked to design and produce the corporate Dacia Turkey website by Renault Turkey. Brainstorming sessions took place, concepts were sketched out, interactions stepped through and technical documentation drafted. These documents were then translated into detailed wireframes to present to the Dacia Turkey team. Upon agreementon the direction, timelines were fine-tuned, milestones locked in and design and development initiated. The result was a website that incorporates both information about the models and the brand with touches of interactivity and 3D modelling.

Dacia Turkey website success story was the first step. As Dacia not only needed a website but planned to maintain the relationship and consultancy after the project was complete, Dacia did not hesitate to choose Poligon Interactive to find long-term success. Likewise, we at Poligon Interactive, believe that success needs consistency as a foundation. That is why we have been a partner for Dacia, for over 8 years. Through this time, we have completed several microsites and sweepstake sites and provided maintenance and hosting services. All ATL campaigns created by the creative agency were seamlessly integrated to Dacia Turkey website and numerous traffic driving banners were produced. Thanks to Poligon Interactive’s technical expertise, all web forms were fed to Dacia’s CRM system via web services.

Today, we not only run Dacia’s international CMS for web and mobile sites but provide content creation, SEO and design services as well. Our success story in Renault HELIOS project, had the global Dacia team select Turkey for the pilot HELIOS implementation of Dacia in the world. We continue to provide services for the current infrastructure and yet prepare Dacia’s new international standard web site, based on HELIOS platform.


Dacia Turkey


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