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Our services

Digital agency services for today and tomorrow…

Today, we need to merge our view of smartphone users, tablet users and traditional digital users into one integrated view of multi-device user.

Customers don’t just search, compare, read reviews and shop. They also text, chat, blog, like, tag, share, tweet and pin. Sometimes they browse, read, watch, play, listen and take pictures.
With a wide array of devices predominantly at their fingertips, from PC’s & laptops, to tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, games consoles and Smart TVs, they do it wherever and whenever they want:
At their desks, at home or at the office, at the gym, while they are on the go, on foot or on commute, on their couch, in front of the TV, in-store or even in their bed.

We create an intuitive design that delivers an optimized user-centric experience across all devices.
Leveraging the latest in technology ensures that our products and services fully support your business and its critical processes.
Constantly tracking and evaluating how users interact with products, platforms and campaigns we create enables us to hold the pulse of your digital presence.
We measure and refine our work in order to measurably improve our performance and incrementally increase your ROI.

Poligon Interactive’s digital agency services include:


>Design & Development

websites | web applications | mobile applications | application integration | content management solutions | maintenance & support
Through state-of-art creative touch of our highly skilled team, we combine design & technology, and build enhanced connections between you and your audiences. We create compelling solutions that deliver and sustain business growth, ranging from web and mobile applications to complex business enterprise softwares.

UX Design Steps

project definition > business research > metrics analysis > persona analysis > user journey map > information architecture > prototyping > design > development > user accesibility testing > improvement > delivery > measurement


>Digital Marketing

media research & strategy | media planning & placement | campaign management | search engine marketing | e-mail marketing | social media marketing | content marketing | mobile marketing | search engine optimization | pay per click management | conversion optimization | analytics services | ROI analysis | reporting
We analyze your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. We develop a tailored strategy that helps create user-centric, engaging experiences that inspire action – from joining your social networks to purchasing your product and from reviewing your business to become your brand ambassador on social media.


>Social Media

platform analysis | targeting analysis | competitor analysis | community identification | conversation identification | content strategy building | account/page setup | content creation | content posting | conversation management | influencer engagement | metrics analysis | reporting
Social media presence allows brands to connect ubiquitously with consumers more intimately than ever. We can help you manage your online reputation by responding with the right content, in the right channels and at the right time.


>Content Creation

blogging | social media content | web content | newsletters | infographics | video
We create content that spreads.
We produce high-quality original content that helps your audience perceive your unique value proposition, enhances your online reputation – and generates more leads through meaningful and powerful digital footprints.
We partner with you to develop a content creation strategy, selecting the most relevant content type for your business and delivering it through the most appropriate channels.